Add:No. 189 Songling Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao, Shandong. 266101
    Yi ZHANG Microfluidics Systems Group M.S.student
    Peng Zhang Functional Genomics Group Ph. D. student
    Wensi Liang Functional Genomics Group P. D. student
    Yiting She Functional Genomics Group M.S.student
    Bahskar Yogendra Kumar Functional Genomics Group P.D. student
    Fengyi Liu Microfluidics Systems Group M.S.student
    Jiaping Zhang Microfluidics Systems Group M.S.student
    Xiaonan Cui Microfluidics Systems Group M. S. student
    Hadi Single-Cell Analysis Section P.D. student
    Maryam Single-Cell Analysis Section P.D. student
    Rongze Chen Single-Cell Analysis Section M.S.student
    Sankar Microbiome Section P.D. student
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